Caroline will not only give you eyebrows you could only dream of, but beautiful eyeliner and a pretty lip colour you'll love too!

If your previous permanent make up didn't turn out as you wished or has changed over the years in colour, Caroline can colour correct your PMU.  She has gained a lot of colour corrective knowledge and experience over the years and really enjoys this aspect of her work. 

Also on her service list is the greatly acclaimed micro-needling procedure. Typically performed as a facial for effectively reducing open pores, for minor scar reduction from acne (for example) and to re-hydrate and minimise fine lines, though it can also be used on the tummy area for tightening and firming the skin or on your scalp to promote hair-growth if hair thinning is your worry.

Li-fT saline hypertonic tattoo removal or tattoo lightening is also performed here at Lady Makeup.  This can be effective on body tattoos as well as for de-saturating permanent make up (brows, eyeliner, lips).  Li-fT is recommended on smaller areas.  If removal work is required on a larger area then the area will be split up into sections to be treated at different appointments.

Permanent Eyeliner (top and bottom) £325 for 2 sessions
(2 required)

Classic black eyeliner never goes out of fashion. offering eyeliner from a basic enhancement, to a smokey effect, wedged or winged Latino style.

Lady MakeUp offers advanced permanent eyeliner to enhance your eyes. It’s waterproof and smudge proof.  Permanent eyeliner guarantees you extra time. Wake with perfection.  From subtle definition to a thicker, more dramatic look, an effortlessly elegant look can be created.


Permanent Lip Colour

£325 for 2 sessions

(2 required)

Just a lip line, or add a tint of colour to the lips, faded in from your lip line or full lip colour - it's up to you!

To add definition and colour to your lips. Perfect for those with asymmetrical lip lines, thin lips and uneven areas of colour. Whether you want fuller looking lips, want to define your cupid’s bow or have a stronger lip line this is for you.  No more lipstick on your coffee cup or glass.

Lips makeup

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup
£325 for 2 sessions
(2 required)
£50 if a third is requested
Retouch £175


Tattooed brows, aslo known as micro-pigmentation, cosmetic tattooing or often mixed up with microblading (a similar but different technique) come in many shapes and sizes, styles and colours.  
Your colour is hand picked and matched especially for you.  
Weather you suit a hair stroke brow (not everyone does), which is a style that mimics the hairs of your natural brow, a powdered brow (great all rounder) which is a soft but more uniform made up look, suited to most or an ombre effect which softens towards the front inner third with more definition towards the tail end of your brow, your specialist will advise you and help you choose the best brow for you! x

Eyebrow Treatment

Li-fT Tattoo Removal

£90 per session



The removal technique used at Lady MakeUp is safe though does require patience as results can take time. 

Using a saline hyper-tonic solution, which lifts and lightens old pigment or ink,  to de-saturate the area, so the original procedure can be either be improved with corrective procedures or you can keep going to try to remove as much as possible.

Li-fT removal can be done on body tattoos as well as permanent makeup. These services require several sessions and client commitment and patience is necessary. x

Tattoo Removal

£90 per session

For fine lines, scarring, re-hydration, open pores, imperfections and cell renewal.

This Digital Micro-Needling facial involves working up over the neck and face using a hand piece with many tiny micro needles. As the needles superficially perforate the skins upper layers, they allow special serums to be delivered at a deeper level for better absorption. Can also be used on other areas such as scalp and abdomen if requested. x


Patch Testing, Bookings and Cancellations

Patch testing is compulsory prior to every PMU procedure.

A non-refundable booking fee/deposit of £75 is payable at time of all new bookings.  Unfortunately now, I am asking that this is also paid/carried forward for your retouch appointment too.

It is politely requested that 48 hours notice be given if you wish to move or cancel your appointment.  Cancellations within this time frame and failure to give this notice will unfortunately result in a loss of your booking fee/deposit.  This is directly due to so many wasted appointments.  I do hope you understand. x