Manual Microblading Verses Machine Microblading

Updated: May 4, 2021

I'm often asked, do I do microblading?...I think they want hairstrokes?

What's the difference between microblading and a tattoo machine for carrying out a permanent makeup procedure? Many clients don't even realise that microblading is a form of tattooing! Nor that both are classed as permanent make up. Any service that places pigment in the skin is tattooing. Period. Therefore we should not refer to it as semi-permanent but as permanent - as we are tattooing! Very often it fades, prehaps as it should or as you would wish it to but I often see clients with old tattoos that are not going anywhere! There is nothing semi permanent about that! This can be for several reasons, the ink used, the depth pigment is deposited in the skin, skin thickness, the list goes on....

Sorry, I digressed!... The differences are that microblading is done using a hand held tool, with no electric power supply, just guided by the hand of the artist for pressure and depth and drawn through the skin creating the microbladed hairstroke. There is nothing to stop the blade (which is actually a row of tiny needles) going too deep which will cause blurred or greyish strokes. Microblading is also not an ideal choic for many clients. Careful selection is important to ensure you are happy with your finished result. So for example, oily skins and mature skins are not good candidaes for microblading as a rule. A microblade has no mechanical noise to it.

Where as a machine procedure using a digital precision handpiece is powered by an electric supply. There are various needles or cartridges and configurations for different areas and desired effects with interchangable heads. The depth on a machine can be pre-set eliminating the possibility of going too deep. The micro hairstrokes with a machine some might argue are created with very much less trauma as the machine is pulsating the needle up and down very fast and not cutting through but puncturing the skins surface repeatedly using a reciprocating motion to deposit the pigment where required. The machine method has a slight buzz to it though no play and is incredibly smooth and precise.

I hope this helps some of you to understand a little more, some of the differences, and helps in your decision making when it comes to your own personal brow journey to happiness!

Stay safe, stay dry and happy bank holiday - to everyone of you!

Love Caz, Lady MakeUp. xxx

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